See What Happens When Two Brides Choose The Same Gown To Marry... Each Other

WeddingWire aims to be "inclusive of all couples" with its new campaign.

Valentine's Day may be over, but the popular wedding planning site, WeddingWire, is keeping us in a romantic mood with an all-new ad campaign.

One of the commercials in the new campaign, which first appeared in limited markets in September 2015 but is going wide this month, shows what happens when two beautiful brides end up selecting the same gown for their wedding... to each other.

The clip, which is one of five included in the campaign, breaks new ground for WeddingWire, but officials said their site has always been dedicated to being "inclusive of all couples." 

"The mission of this campaign is to show the reality of wedding planning in today's modern market through examples of relatable couples and situations," Sonny Ganguly, WeddingWire's Chief Marketing Officer, told The Huffington Post in an email. "Our goals for the campaign are to connect with our audience, grow our brand awareness, and to ensure that WeddingWire is the place for all couples to turn their vision into a reality."  

What a humorous and heartwarming way to ring in wedding season. Just get us to the church on time! 

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