Same-Sex Marriage

The "Rocket Man" used his relationship milestone to acknowledge the millions of queer people who continue to face discrimination.
The conservative justice criticized science-backed COVID-19 restrictions and condemned the Supreme Court's 2015 decision to legalize same-sex marriage.
Nearly 62% of voters backed an amendment ensuring protections for married LGBTQ couples even if marriage equality gets overturned at the federal level.
Before becoming pope, Francis supported extending legal protections to gay couples in Argentina. Those comments are now putting the Vatican in a bind.
The celebration comes a year after the island became the first place in Asia to legalize marriage equality.
The "Mindy Project" star tied the knot with Jacquelyn Smith this weekend as a "proactive" measure in case the Supreme Court rolls back marriage equality.
The Supreme Court nominee served on a school board that reportedly discriminated against children of same-sex couples.
These new-version Proud Boys are "standing bi," quipped one wag.
A new survey also found that the number of married same-sex households has increased by 70% since the Supreme Court's 2015 ruling.
A Season 3 episode of the Queen Latifah-led sitcom featured a refreshing take on a lesbian's coming out and wedding plans, writer Matt Baume finds.