Same-Sex Marriage

The "Harold & Kumar" star asked the president about the evolution of his support for same-sex marriage.
The Republican Party once argued that same-sex marriage was "unnatural." Thankfully, the then-San Francisco mayor didn't see it that way.
The "Good Morning America" co-anchor confirmed Monday that she and her girlfriend of 18 years will be "saying yes to marriage" in 2023.
President Joe Biden has signed gay marriage legislation into law before a crowd of thousands, a ceremony that reflects growing acceptance of same-sex unions.
A historic bill codifying protections for same-sex marriages is going to become law despite an emotional plea in opposition from Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.).
A Republican congresswoman was brought to tears over the idea of marriage equality as she begged colleagues to vote against the Respect for Marriage Act.
Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.) wasn’t won over by religious liberty changes by Senate Republicans.
The legislation, which passed 258 to 169, codifies protections for same-sex and interracial marriages.
The plaintiffs and their lawyers welcomed the ruling as “ground breaking” and urged the government to promptly mitigate the problem.
The Wyoming senator faced a backlash from social conservatives over her vote for legislation codifying protections for same-sex and interracial marriages.