Weight Loss Success: Iris Osorio Faced A Health Scare And Lost 140 Pounds

'I Am A Brand-New Person'

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Name: Iris Osorio
Age: 30
Height: 4'11"
Before Weight: 283 pounds

How I Gained It: I am a stay-at-home mother of three. I was a type-2 diabetic and my blood sugar would get as high as 800. I didn't care, because I loved to eat! I ate all day and sat around watching TV. I never said no to any food. I ate almost 6,000 calories a day. I ate late at night, right before bed, every day of my life.

Breaking Point: My last hospital visit was the worst. I lost my vision and it scared me. I asked God, "Please, I promise I will change if you give me back my sight." When my sugars came back down to normal, I did.

How I Lost It: I joined MMAXOUT gym. Working with my trainer, Hamilton Vidal Newton, changed my life! People would always look at me when I walked in because I was so big and think I couldn't do it. Well, I showed them! I didn't give up and made it through the whole hour. I was so proud of myself and had the biggest smile on my face. I am now certified in kickboxing and teach classes. I love kickboxing and step classes. I have a lot of drive -- if I want something, I work hard to get it!

I used a low-carb diet and it worked. If I do have a cheat meal, I do it only once every six months. Now, I have been eating so well for so long that unhealthy food makes me sick.

I am no longer on my meds and have never been healthier! I eat, sleep and breathe fitness. I dream of new workouts I can teach my class. I want to help people not get to where I was. I felt like I was in jail in my own body, but I broke free. Yes, it is hard work, but at the end of the road there is a new you waiting. I am so proud of myself for what I have done! I am a brand-new person, and I would not trade it in for the world!

After Weight: 143 pounds

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