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The 9 Weirdest eBay Purchases Of All Time

What if -- for some reason -- you wanted to buy the mummified carcass of a cat slam-dunking a mummified bird? You may think you'd be out of luck. But you'd be wrong.

eBay has made buying everything from jeans to video games at a discount a whole lot easier. It's also helped buyers and sellers meet for sales of less common products.

Last week, a bizarre auction popped up on the site with a very to-the-point and jarring title: "mummified cat slam dunking a mummified bird." The sale page featured a photo depicting the petrified corpse of a cat hanging on the rim of a miniature basketball hoop, with an alleged dead bird stuck in the net. The asking price for this insane item? A starting bid of $550, with a Buy-It-Now price of $750.

Though the sale eventually disappeared from eBay, plenty of other strange (albeit much less morbid) sales have made it onto the site -- some of them even securing high prices. Some items, such as a "slightly used soul" or a "Ghost In A Jar" incited unrealistic bids and were taken down by eBay, but other oddities have made it to purchase.

Check out some of the weirdest items ever sold on eBay below:

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese

Weirdest Things Sold On eBay

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