Whale Shoots Rainbow Out Of Blowhole (VIDEO)

We know what you're thinking and yes, you saw that right: A whale just shot a rainbow out of its blowhole. A rainbow.

While the video is from 2011, it's still full of awesome.

According to YouTube user rsean9000, the double-take-worthy incident occurred while on a whale watching cruise off Nova Scotia.

"It was not until I watched the video much later that I saw the spray of the whale closest to the boat catch the sun and turn the spray into a rainbow," rsean9000 said in the video's info section. "It looks as if the whale is blowing a rainbow out of it's blowhole."

The crazy moment harks back to some amazing whale footage from last year in which a humpback whale danced for miles after boaters saved it from being tangled in nylon netting.

As the video documents, the crew worked for more than an hour to free the whale and save it from drowning.

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