What are the IOT trends for 2017?

What are the IOT trends for 2017?
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Consumer-IOT and Industry-IOT

IOT is rapidly developing from a telecoms connected to "everything" to a new generation of services that are starting to connect markets with new capabilities.
Two major polarizations are the consumer-IOT and the Industrial-IOT. On the consumer side, the products of Amazon Echo Alexa, Google Home and a plethora of other connected home and
lifestyle IOT consumer products are flooding the market. 2017 I expect to see mainstream adoption of smart energy and smart entertainment and voice assistants becomes a must-have in the home.
The Industrial IOT perhaps born for the Industry4.0 digital manufacturing and 3D printing concepts are moving beyond the early adopter and systems thinking of smart engine maintenance and condition monitoring or building asset
management into "digital twins" to being a serious facet of business operations.


This belies a third trend from IOT in that is a consequence of all this mass surveillance and telemetry data that is mind-boggling in scale and magnitude. Apart from pushing past the PC and Mobile eras to the connected sensors era by several magnitudes of data generation, what ARM Holdings have described as the "1 Trillion device" target. What this is doing is generating huge amounts of "training data" for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This will drive a new digital strategic development of algorithmic-IOT that will transform user experience and productivity that we have only just started to see the beginnings of.

IOT The Market Marker and cyber risk

IOT will become the main strategy for the market makers of the next decade. It will through strategic platform develop build new smart buildings, VR and AR platforms for gaming and digital assets management to "always connected" products and appliances . But with GDPR and other laws on cyber surveillance and access these edge sensor and analytics systems that run off the IOT data backplane will become increasing a new Pandora's box for cyber risks and issues. Cyber intelligence will be a core part of IOT trust and viability going forward

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