What Is an Employee?

This episode of The Future in 5, I talk about what an employee is. This is a very basic, simple concept that many of us do not pay attention to even though it is a part of our daily lives. The definition of an "employee" is basically somebody who does work for pay. However, the actual synonyms for "employee" are "cog," "servant," and "slave." Unfortunately, our organizations have been built with this idea that an employee is an expendable cog. This raises the question: What is an employee today when you think about the future of work? I think we should redefine the very definition of "employee." In this episode I explore certain dynamics like the employee experience, being globally connected and distributed, and freelancers emerging into the mix. But I also explore the main reason that this is so important, which is that the war for talent has never been fiercer -- as we can see in the different programs and ideas being implemented in the workplace today. I am curious about what you think. So tune in and leave your comments below!

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