What is the 'X Factor'?

Now that the first week of "The X Factor" is over, I can honestly say that this season looks very promising so far! Watching the second day of auditions left me wondering, what exactly is the "X Factor"? Is it good looks? Well, we obviously can see that it's not from contestants like Dylan Osborn, 17, who Demi loved... before he started singing. Is it passion? That didn't really work for Brittany Spears fanatic Patrick Ford, who was all passion and no talent. But there were the select few that had that special something. That one thing that just makes your jaw drop and heart thump from the amazement you feel. Who were the people from Thursday night's show that had that special something?

Johnny Maxwell. Okay ladies, did anyone else totally swoon when he came out on stage? Sixteen-year-old Johnny had great vocals, rap skills, and charisma to match. He had such great stage presence that you had no choice but to pay attention to him. By the end of his performance, I was clapping and singing along with him. And after getting a "yes" from all four judges, it is apparent they saw something in him, too. I can't wait to see more from him!

Jason Brock. Now when this guy came out, I was honestly ready to laugh. I thought he was going to be one of those over-confident people who actually have no talent. I think all the judges were thinking the same thing -- even Simon Cowell said he prepared himself for the worst. But the moment he opened his mouth, everyone's jaw dropped. From the first note to the very last was nothing but incredible talent. He even got a standing ovation from LA Reid, Britney Spears, and Demi Lovato, and nothing but great feedback. "It makes me wanna fall in love with you," gushed Demi, and LA Reid called his performance "completely flawless." Guess you really can't judge a CD by its cover, right?

And finally, if you watched "X Factor" Thursday night, you know exactly who I am about to mention: Carly Rose Sonenclar. Okay, WOW! Who saw that coming? Little 13-year-old Carly Rose was the last person I thought to have the type of voice she had. She had so much range, so much depth, and so much soul! My jaw was to the floor during her entire performance. I'm pretty sure everyone was off their feet by the end. The standing ovation seemed to go on forever. "A star just walked on this stage," were the words of encouragement from Simon Cowell. The judges didn't have to think twice about giving Carly Rose a definite "Yes." She's going to be one to watch out for.

Who do you think stood out at this week's auditions? Who were your favorites? What do YOU think has "X Factor"?