What To Do With Kids During A Hurricane: How To Win The #ParentsVsSandy Battle

Hurricane Sandy means extra stress for anyone in the affected areas, but for parents waiting out the storm with little kids at home, the concerns can go beyond "Did we buy enough batteries?" and "How many jars of peanut butter do we really need?" With schools closed and the wet, windy weather keeping everyone indoors (possibly in the dark), how exactly are you supposed to fill the hours and keep children calm and (gulp) entertained?

We asked readers on the HuffPost Parents Facebook page how they're planning to get through the hurricane-imposed hibernation, and here are some of their answers:


We are overdosing on TV before the power goes out. After, I have tons of art supplies, a giant bag of library books, and a bunch of games. For myself, a box of Target wine. My son has just announced that he isn't going to wear pants for the duration. Whatever works, I say.


What my children call a "campover:" they sleep on an air mattress in our room. Better than running up and down the stairs all night! Of course, this bedtime fun is preceded by "campout" food like hot dogs and s'mores. If power stays with us we will blow off steam with "Just Dance" and our Laurie Berkner DVD's. If not, we'll be playing flashlight tag, doing crafts and using painters' tape to create a hopscotch on the wood floors. We'll probably do that if the power stays on, come to think of it.


Snuggle under blankets on the couch while reading stories, favorite books, and holding favorite/beloved stuffed animals and storybooks, playing with toys (where no electronics are needed), coloring/drawing, looking out the window at the weather and talking about how it's good to be safe and warm inside,a nd keep a sippy cups and little snacks with us...wearing footed flannel/fuzzy warm jammies is good to do too!

We'd love to hear your ideas as well, so leave a comment on this page or our Facebook page or tweet @HuffPostParents with the hashtag #ParentsvsSandy. Let us know what games you're playing, tell us about the best keep-them-busy-for-hours toys and any other coping strategies you've got for us to get through this storm together. We’ll add your tweets to our slideshow. For as long as your power holds out...

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