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17 Things You Have To Eat In Honolulu

Forget the beaches, we're here for the food.

The island of Oahu has always been known as "The Gathering Place," and today, with so many unique people and cultures coming together in its one city, Honolulu has developed a personality all its own -- and food is a huge part of it.

If you explore the Honolulu that exists outside of Waikiki, you'll discover a foodie destination eager to introduce you to cuisine unlike any other.

Below, 17 things you have to eat in Honolulu.

Poke at Ono Seafood

A photo posted by Henry Trinh (@henrytrin) on

Poke (cubed and seasoned raw fish) is one of Hawaii's favorite foods, and this hole-in-the-wall serves up some of the freshest fish and perfected flavors in Honolulu.
A Mai Tai at The Royal Hawaiian
These expertly crafted mai tais are some of the best on the island. Try one of the Royal Hawaiian's specialty mai tais for a twist on Hawaii's quintessential cocktail, or stick with the original for a tropical classic.
Ramen at Goma Tei
Oahu's large Japanese population means the island is home to world-class ramen. Goma Tei's locally-made noodles, huge portions and flavorful broth have us wholeheartedly hooked.
Papaya Boat at Banan

A photo posted by @jadessong on

Banan's signature frozen banana soft-serve is picture perfect in a hollowed out papaya boat. Toppings like fresh fruit, crispy quinoa and honey butter make these bowls next-level delicious.
Zip Pac at Zippy's

A photo posted by Sami Tasaki (@saminotsammie) on

Zippy's, Hawaii's own fast food chain, is a classic haunt for all your favorite local fare. And the Zip Pac is a sampler bento your tastebuds won't soon forget.
Guava Chiffon Pancakes at Cinnamon's

A photo posted by Jess Follmer (@jessikahhf) on

If you're in need of an early-morning sugar rush, go for the guava chiffon pancakes at Cinnamon's. The sweet, pink syrup and whipped cream might seem like overkill, but you're just going to have to trust us on this one.
Hot Pot at Sweet Home Cafe

A photo posted by Ayumi (@ayumi_yoshida) on

The Sweet Home Cafe experience is entirely customizable. Choose your broth, veggies and proteins and cook everything yourself in a steaming pot of goodness.
Surfer Bowl at Leahi Health

A photo posted by Allison Chu (@alliechuuu) on

Leahi Health's veggie-filled smoothies and bowls will make you feel like a healthful goddess. If you like a hearty helping of kale, the surfer bowl is a perfect pick.
Shave Ice at Waiola

A photo posted by melzxbellz (@melzxbellz) on

Shave ice is delightfully refreshing after a day at the beach. Waiola's fine, powdery ice and countless tropical flavors are legendary in Honolulu.
Furikake Ahi at Nico's
Nico's has perfected the art of crisp furikake (seaweed/dried fish seasoning) crust on a piece of moist ahi tuna.
Banh Mi at The Pig And The Lady
The Pig and the Lady has carved a place for itself as Honolulu's culinary darling. The restaurant's creative take on Vietnamese fusion breathes new life into traditional dishes.
The Coconut at Alan Wong's
If you have a special occasion to celebrate in Honolulu, you can't go wrong with a meal at Alan Wong's. Finish with this beautiful dessert and you'll leave with a very happy stomach.
Everything at Helena's Hawaiian Food
Helena's serves up some of the best traditional Hawaiian food on the island. Fill up on kalua pork, laulau, squid luau and lomi lomi salmon to taste the true food of Hawaii.
Sashimi at Maguro Brothers

A photo posted by sakurako greer (@mashiir0) on

If you enjoy fresh fish, head to Maguro Brothers ASAP. If you decide to go raw, their sashimi is as fresh as it gets.
Manapua and Pork Hash at Char Hung Sut

A photo posted by Char Hung Sut (@charhungsut) on

Bring a box from Char Hung Sut to any potluck and you'll be lauded as a hero. Their manapua (steamed or baked buns filled with meat) and pork hash are a Chinatown staple.
Mochi Ice Cream at Bubbies

A photo posted by Ally Chen (@fashionbyally) on

Mochi ice cream is the perfect bite-sized sweet treat, and nobody does it better than Bubbies. The homemade ice cream wrapped in a gooey mochi (sweet rice cake) shell makes a cone look dull in comparison.
Wonton Min at Palace Saimin

A photo posted by josephine cruz (@jayemkayem) on

Saimin is the perfect example of many cultures coming together to form a distinct Hawaii dish. The noodle soup combines elements of Chinese, Japanese and Filipino cooking in one piping hot bowl.

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