What Would You Do With $67 Million?

What would you do with $67 million a year? I want you all to think about this for a moment.

Tiger Woods had a press conference the other day, and we've all spent so much time judging him. People are saying, "How dare he cheat on his wife and two kids?!" and "How could he cheat on her" and "What a horrible person he must be if he cheats on his wife!"

There are guys who work at Burger King earning $10.00 an hour who cheat on their wife in the Burger King parking lot after work, and no one is sitting around judging them. It happens.

This could happen. A beautiful woman could walk into Burger King, slip the french fry guy her number and say, "Meet me in the parking lot in a few minutes. I want to give you the time of your life!" Then a few minutes later, there he is -- Mr. French Fry Guy is getting oral sex in the Burger King parking lot.

Nobody sees it. Nobody comments on it. Nobody judges him. In fact, he tells his friends about it, and they think he's super cool.

Nevertheless, over the last few days people all over the world have spent the last few days judging Tiger Woods about his infidelity. You hear people saying things like, "How dare he cheat on that beautiful wife of his?!" We don't know what his wife does. We don't know everything about his life.

Imagine for a second that you were earning $67 million a year. Everywhere you went, women were handing you their number, sexy notes and even their hotel room keys. Imagine these women were offering you things you only imagined in your most erotic fantasies. What would you do in that situation?

Say you are in Florida and you have just won a golf tournament that had a first prize of $7 million. You're in a bar and three beautiful blonds approach you and say, "My friends and I have a bet about which one of us is going to sleep with you tonight." Then they proceed to describe to you exactly what they want to do to you in explicit sexual detail.

At this moment, you can't honestly tell me that you would not accept this offer if you were Tiger Woods. C'mon people, stop judgingt others based on your life and experience.
I know most of the women reading this are thinking right now, "He's just another male pig telling men it's okay to cheat." I actually don't think it's okay at all to cheat.

To the women thinking this, however, put yourself in this same scenario with three hot men approaching you. Who knows what you would you would do.

No one really knows what they would do with $67 million a year. None of you really know what you would do if you had people throwing themselves at you nonstop, and offering to give you every sexual fantasy you've ever had.

I personally think Tiger Woods should never have gotten married. Maybe he was looked at his parents and thought he ought to have a great relationship like they have. Maybe someone pressured him. Maybe it was his father's dying wish that Tiger would get married. Who knows?

The bottom line is that nobody has the right to judge a person unless they have walked in that person's shoes. 'll tell you what. I'll give you $67 million and throw you in the same situations in which Tiger Woods found himself. You tell me what you end up doing. If you're mentally putting yourself in this situation, you must be totally honest with yourself.

All of us love to judge other people because we're so bored in our own lives. We just judge them without hesitation and with such certainty. We think, "How dare he do that?! I wouldn't do that in that situation."

Really? Mr. French Fry Guy in the Burger King parking lot did it, and he only makes $10.00 an hour. Imagine what Mr. French Fry Guy would do if he made $67 million a year? What do you think he would do then?