Obama Jobs Tour: White House Mixes Up Wyoming, Colorado Geography On Press Credentials

The White House mixed up Wyoming and Colorado when issuing press credentials for President Barack Obama's tour of Western states this week. The press credentials show California, Washington, and Wyoming highlighted in white.

However, the president spoke Tuesday in the other rectangular-shaped state: Colorado. Wyoming was not on the itinerary.

The president spoke at Abraham Lincoln High School, in one of Denver's most impoverished neighborhoods, to promote his $447 billion American Jobs Act, as part of a series of seven fundraisers and speeches down the West Coast over the last two days in Washington state and California.

"I want it back, passed, so I can sign this bill and start putting people back to work," Obama said.

Tickets for the event sold out in about an hour, according to 9News.

Click over to CNN to see the press credentials with the erroneous map.

WATCH: Obama speaking on jobs Monday in California: