Why Are Conservatives Willing to Surrender American Sovereignty?

Why are the Tea Party folks and other conservatives like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, who are usually so anxious to protect our citizens from governmental abuse, supporting putting trade agreements on a fast track? This means that Congress could not amend an agreement. It could only vote to approve or disapprove the entire agreement.

Although no one can be sure what is in these trade agreements because they are being negotiated behind closed doors, usually reliable sources have indicated that disputes under the agreements being negotiated would be tried by international tribunals which could overrule laws enacted by our elected representatives. Thus, if multinational corporations didn't like an environmental, labor or intellectual property law passed by Congress, they could get an international tribunal to overrule Congress. So much for American sovereignty!

Why are the Republicans so anxious to put such trade agreements on the fast track which would only allow an up-or-down vote on the entire agreement negotiated in secret by the administration? Why are they objecting to making currency manipulation a violation of such trade agreements?

Could it be that the reason they have remained silent on these issues and support the fast track is that their principal financial benefactors -- multinational corporations and plutocrats -- support the bill because they will be able to use these international tribunals to evade "inconvenient" U.S. laws. After all, who else is even going to be aware of the power of these tribunals let alone be able to influence them? Is it any wonder that politicians are held in such low regard?