Why Vote? What Difference Does It Make?

Why Vote? What Difference Does It Make? It's Hard To Argue With A Woman

My significant other and I launched into a spirited debate, early this morning about the privilege of voting, with me arguing my position that it does make a difference, while she countered that it does not, noting, nothing changes of late, regardless of the multitudes of promises made. Although, she has one specific candidate in mind she'll support, if they don't make it as the party's candidate, she has no interest to vote further in this election. Sadly, as I reflect on the state of our nation at this moment in time, she may well have a point.

Hope and change was the motto that carried President Obama to office in 2008. Repeal and reform are the two words that come to mind when the Republican party won both house and senate in the last two elections. To my chagrin, neither hope nor change became reality, along with nary a semblance of repeal and reform. The same, is the same, is the same. Except, we're far deeper in debt and almost irreparably broken.

America, we're dying here. Our constitutional right to vote, as citizens of this great nation, are failing to make a difference as we encounter the almighty winds of super-pacs and the 'good ole boy network' in congress. "We give to get," says the multitudes of wealthy donors who line the coffers of those running for office. While on the other hand, "Good Ole Boy" congress is entrenched with multitudes of career politicians whose mantra is "you have to go along to get along."

Our individual voices remain, but are but a mere distant distraction to the peril America faces today. Speaking from first hand experience, (READ MY NEXT TO LAST BLOG) the Affordable Care Act is broken. Though noble in nature, in order to be affordable, the deductions are so high, most are scared to use it. For those of us brave enough to venture into the "covered" preventive procedures, we find a deluge of extra charges that were never disclosed at the onset. Kinda makes you want to submit to another one, huh? That being said, the ACA is a great start, but we're, by no means, there yet. We have enough great minds in this country who, given the chance, can make it not only affordable, but usable. FYI, they're not politicians.

Wouldn't you agree, immigration is broken? It's absurd to hear a few of those running for the highest office promise to deport 11 million or more people. Of course, when you realize that 71% of those receive some form of federal assistance, you might well rethink that position. Me, I've thought it through all by myself, with neither a Super-Pac or a vested politician telling me what to do. People from all across the world come to America hoping to live the dream. Isn't it time we help them do it?

I've learned throughout my life how much something is worth when you have to work for it, rather than when it's given to you. I don't believe anyone would begrudge any individual coming to America if they committed to work to get here. Therefore, I purpose issuing everyone, currently here illegally an ability to work card. Next, fifty percent of all taxes they pay into the system for the first five years goes to reduce our federal debt. I'd also issue a congressional mandate that says, as a nation we match it and reduce spending each year, at least by that much. After five years of toil and sweat, all workers will be granted citizenship. Next, I'd build a southern wall, especially since we have a significant new labor force to do it. There is an orderly way for immigration to work. With all this new influx of people to assimilate, its time it works again. Our future depends on it.

But, that's just me, a nobody in the grand scheme of things Thankfully, I do have one vote, one voice. Still, I know firsthand the toil and treasure our forefathers, along with our families have paid to insure our right to freedom by voting with conviction our concerns. Oh, and I'm sure they assumed good ole common sense was a given. Today, I bet they'd rethink that one.

So let's get back to why we should continue to vote even though nothing ever changes. It's because many of us still believe in democracy. We believe in making a difference one vote at a time. As this presidential election fills the airways, I encourage you to let our voices be heard. It doesn't matter who you vote for, as long as you vote, using your common sense, your personal conviction.

Today, we are sadly reaping what we've sown. I stand before you, oh so guilty. Join me this election cycle in proving my significant other wrong, along with the countless millions more just like her who believe, in the end, their vote doesn't matter. Men and women for hundreds of years have given their lives to insure us, it does. Now is not the time to let them down, but to stand tall, vote your conscious and strive to make a lasting difference.