Voting Rights

The GOP has been pushing a wave of voter restrictions after Democrats won big in 2020. A conservative majority on the court has voting rights advocates worried.
"Republicans saw the record number of people exercising their right to vote and they said, 'Yo, that shit cannot happen again.'”
Their sweeping package of voting rights and campaign finance reforms could be the first bill this year blocked by a GOP filibuster.
No state is considering more bills to restrict voting rights than Arizona, where activists say the GOP is waging a "full-scale assault on democratic norms."
At least eight of the people facing charges for last month's insurrection didn't actually participate in the presidential election, according to CNN.
“Black women are actually starting to use our power for ourselves, for the elevation of our own voices," said LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter.
Many Republican lawmakers at the state level are engaged in a widespread effort to restrict access to the vote after high turnout helped defeat their preferred candidates in 2020.
The Fox News personality reached really far to criticize the House speaker for pushing voting rights legislation.
The House passed the For the People Act in 2019. Now Senate Democrats name it as their No. 1 bill, too.
By refusing to certify the Electoral College results, these GOP lawmakers were denying the voices of Black voters who turned out heavily for Joe Biden.