Voting Rights

Tony Patterson was one of the 20 Floridians arrested earlier this year for allegedly voting illegally in 2020.
The measure would have required mail-in voters to add more information to the simple signature and date they place on the return envelope.
The court’s election law decisions favored Republican political interests across the board.
A lawsuit brought by an NAACP chapter claims white poll workers used “aggressive tones” and followed Black voters around a Beaumont polling place.
Reproductive rights, minimum wage increases and slavery are the subjects of proposals and initiatives across the country.
Drop boxes for voters to deposit their ballots in the midterm elections are becoming hot topics.
President Donald Trump has vowed to send law enforcement to voting locations and called for his supporters to “go into the polls and watch very carefully.” Some people appear to be listening.
A Trump-appointed judge said the self-anointed poll guards' heavy-handed tactics aren't enough to curtail their First Amendment rights.
The Florida governor has made a show of going after former felons on illegal voting charges.
Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D) justified her opposition to ending the filibuster with some magical thinking: that Republicans want bipartisanship.