Voting Rights

The decision by the 8th Circuit would leave the landmark law dead in the water by prohibiting private parties from suing to enforce it.
A state judge has ordered a new Democratic mayoral primary in Connecticut’s largest city to be held after the Nov. 7 general election is completed.
The former president managed to deny dozens of felony indictments, offer a spelling lesson and compare himself to a Nobel Peace Prize winner all during one campaign stop.
The new 2nd congressional district for 2024 is 49% Black and voted for Joe Biden 56%-43% in 2020.
The Keystone State is the 24th state in the country to adopt the practice.
The former president made a bonkers claim relating to bread at a Washington, D.C., summit Friday.
Republicans' new bill, the ACE Act, features restrictions on mail-in voting, fewer limits on money in politics, and an all-out attack on Washington, D.C.
“The Free State of Florida is simply not free to exceed the bounds of the United States Constitution,” a federal judge wrote.
Ho, one of the nation’s leading voting rights attorneys, squeaked through without any GOP support.
The shock ruling will start a domino effect, but how far the pieces tumble is up in the air.