Voting Rights

“We are in a new landscape,” said John Bisognano, president of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.
North Carolina’s newly GOP-controlled state Supreme Court threw out a previous ruling against gerrymandered voting maps and upheld a voter ID law.
“Republicans don’t do dirty tricks,” Steve Bannon protested before Giuliani replied, “Well, how about this one?”
A Georgia grand jury found no evidence of “widespread fraud” during the 2020 presidential election. But the panel did find some possible liars.
Did election denier Kari Lake (R) break state law with a tweet claiming to show proof of voter fraud? Arizona’s secretary of state seems to think so.
After winning legislative seats and taking over governor’s mansions, Democrats will try to implement reforms and beat back Republican efforts to restrict voting access.
Hypocrisy, thy name is Sean Hannity. The Fox News host peddled rigged-election theories on his prime-time show, but privately, he believed the “big lie” was just that.
Organizers are infuriated after state officials insisted the U.S. Senate election was problem-free.
Tony Patterson was one of the 20 Floridians arrested earlier this year for allegedly voting illegally in 2020.
The measure would have required mail-in voters to add more information to the simple signature and date they place on the return envelope.