Voting Rights

On her second day of oral arguments, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson offered up a history lesson about the 14th Amendment as the Supreme Court heard a voting rights case out of Alabama.
In Merrill v. Milligan, Alabama asked the court to overturn 40 years of precedent. But both liberal and conservative justices questioned the state's argument.
The court’s conservative supermajority returns on Oct. 3 with affirmative action and voting rights squarely in its sights.
Alabama Republicans' argument for a race-blind approach to redistricting could lead to the "biggest decline in Black and Latino representation in generations."
Democrats failed once again to pass their voting rights legislation due to the fact that the Senate filibuster rules were not changed.
One MSNBC host issued a warning about the 2024 election if Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives and Donald Trump runs for office again.
"I want to thank the Supreme Court for reminding women they're second-class citizens" in time for the midterms, Michael Moore quipped sarcastically.
The singer, partnering with a nonprofit called HeadCount, will invite two lucky participants to his 2022 Halloween concert.
Lawyer John Eastman, Trump aides Stephen Miller and Mark Meadows and insurrection backer Mike Flynn want the court to OK partisan gerrymandering.
The Florida governor had hyped the arrest of 20 people who allegedly voted illegally. But reporting suggests many had no idea the law made them ineligible.