Voting Rights

One MSNBC host issued a warning about the 2024 election if Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives and Donald Trump runs for office again.
"I want to thank the Supreme Court for reminding women they're second-class citizens" in time for the midterms, Michael Moore quipped sarcastically.
The singer, partnering with a nonprofit called HeadCount, will invite two lucky participants to his 2022 Halloween concert.
Lawyer John Eastman, Trump aides Stephen Miller and Mark Meadows and insurrection backer Mike Flynn want the court to OK partisan gerrymandering.
The Florida governor had hyped the arrest of 20 people who allegedly voted illegally. But reporting suggests many had no idea the law made them ineligible.
Voting rights groups are dismayed about a ruling that upholds a ban on giving drinks and snacks to people waiting to vote.
"I figured all these other guys are cheating,” Barry Morphew said of his decision to cast the ballot after his wife's disappearance, according to an arrest warrant.
A case brought by North Carolina Republicans could wipe out protections against extreme partisan gerrymandering and endanger voting rights.
The 8-1 decision doesn't end the more than three-year dispute over the voter ID law, which is not currently in effect and has been challenged in both state and federal court.