Will #VRMCRM2010 Disrupt Ambiguity?

Off to VRMCRM 2010 in Cambridge, Massachusetts today.

The concept has the potential to disrupt the ambiguity which is the hurdle to innovation in the media and marketing industry.

VRM stands for Vendor Relationship Management. Essentially the idea introduces a whole new business model by flipping the traditional B2C (Business to Consumer) way of operating to C2B (Consumer to Business) -- The notion authentically consumer-centric. However there are many hurdles to innovation, as I've been discussing in posts here.

Doc Searls, a co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, has been championing Project VRM. Collaborating with the CRM community is a good step forward.

One sign that this workshop could be productive is the attendee list. The commerce side is represented by Best Buy. Social networking is represented by Facebook and Acquia. Acxiom is a sponsor. And culture is represented by several non for profit journalism and media entities.

Stay tuned for what happens at the conference and next steps.