World Book Night: Looking For Volunteers To Give Away 1 Million Free Books

Ever heard of World Book Night? If not, you will. Because they want your help to give away free books.

WBN first launched in the UK last year. It takes place on April 23rd, a date designated by UNESCO as World Book Day. This is because it's the date when, in 1616, both Shakespeare and Cervantes died (though not actually the same day), as well being the date of a Catalan festival involving book giving.

However, World Book Night takes book giving to a whole new level - last year, 1 million free books were given out across the UK.

For the first time, it's coming to the US in 2012. Books by prominent authors, including Maya Angelou, Sherman Alexie, Dave Eggers, Patti Smith, Stephen King and Jodi Picoult will be handed out by volunteers around the country, to encourage people to read.

This non-profit organization aims to promote literacy and reading, and is supported by major players in the publishing industry. And this is where you come in: they're looking for 50,000 volunteers to pick up 20 free books each (for a total 1 million books) from their local bookstore, and commit to giving them away to non or light readers before the end of the night.

Click this link to apply - only the most convincing reasons will be allowed. "Because I haven't read those books yet" probably won't be enough.