World's Longest Airport Walks Between Entrance And Furthest Gate In Terminal (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The World's Longest Airport Walks

We've all been there: Arriving at the airport with not much time to spare and then realizing that you have to schlep what feels like miles to your gate, and with carry-on, no less (thanks bag fees!)

Looking at the distance from a terminal entrance to its farthest gate, Direct Line's research shows that it's a whopping two-mile walk at Beijing's Capital International Terminal 3 from start to finish.

Earlier this week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Hartsfield Airport's beautiful new $1.4 billion terminal is actually a total pain to get around. As Clint Harkins told the paper: "Every time you turned another corner, you thought you were there. Well, you weren’t."

Plan ahead! Be sure to leave extra time when visiting the airports below.

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Beijing Capital International Airport, Terminal 3= 2 Miles

World's Longest Airport Walks