Zendaya Called Out A Woman-Shaming Twitter Account Like The Queen She Is

Women of the world: Zendaya's got your back. 

The 18-year-old actress, singer and member of T-Swift's girl-tourage, just called out a woman-shaming Twitter account in the best possible way.

Manstagram, a Twitter account whose bio warns viewers "don't show your mom," posted a split image on June 7 putting down the way YouTuber and makeup artist Shannon looks without makeup on. 

Cool joke, bros.

But Zendaya was having none of it. She fired back with the perfect response on June 10, writing "@Manstagram_ that awkward moment when this tweet is irrelevant cause she's slaying both ways ":

Shannon saw the tweet and responded, thanking Zendaya for standing up for other women.

So we thank you, Zendaya, for reminding the world that women are better when they stand together. (And that anyone who creates a Twitter account called "Manstagram" isn't the kind of person you want approval from in the first place.)

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