Zendaya Is Officially A High School Graduate

A huge congrats goes out to Zendaya, who is officially a high school graduate.

The 18-year-old shared a snap from the big day with her Instagram followers on Thursday night. The singer, actress and dancer is seen posing in an orange grad gown with layers of leis around her neck.

The teen even shared an inspirational caption for the occasion:

Shout out, not just to all the 2015 grads but to the soon to be! Please remember knowledge is one of the most powerful gifts we have the privilege of receiving...don't take that for granted. To every soon to be grad, know that you CAN do it! (if I can get through it then anyone can) It's a long road, so many things will pose as obstacles in your way and at times the end seems further and further away, but please remember the importance of that beautiful mind you have and all the limitless powers you hold. All my love #sorryforgettingdeep

Prior to the ceremony, the "Shake It Up" star attended her rehearsal, even though she didn't really know anyone in her graduating class. But, her classmates clearly didn't seem to mind:

Even Taylor Swift shared her excitement for her BFF.

And Zendaya wasn't the only star in her class -- Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas was also among the students graduating. The gold medalist posted a photo on Instagram with an equally inspiring caption.

Way to go ladies!



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