Zoe Saldana Has A Mindful Alternative To A New Year's Resolution

The actress thinks this method "will bring a different kind of result.”

Zoe Saldana and her sisters are foregoing traditional New Year’s resolutions. In their most recent YouTube video, the three women describe how they’re planning to take on the new year.

“Instead of a resolution this year we’ve decided to set an intention, picking a word and focusing on that word and letting that word guide you through the year,” Mariel Saldana says in the video.

While a resolution and an intention may sound very similar, Zoe explained to viewers why she and her sisters feel their change in thinking will make a difference in 2017.

“You see, intention feels more like an active verb,” Zoe explained. “Why not just be? Let’s say, instead of trying to be brave, instead of trying to be nice. Just be nice. Just intend to be nice. I feel that has a different kind of approach and it will bring a different kind of result.”

Each of the sisters then shared what their word for 2017 will be and explained the reasoning behind their choice. After Mariel chose “faith” and Cisely Saldana chose “assertive,” Zoe explained her intention to be more “open” in the new year.

Watch the video produced by the sisters’ YouTube channel, Cinestar Pictures, where they post weekly videos.

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