There’s a reason the federal budget hasn’t seen a surplus since 2001. Hint: it’s hard.
Despite the gloomy outlook, California is in a better position to weather an economic downturn than it has been in the past.
The budget deficit has roughly halved in size, but critics say student loan forgiveness adds unnecessary red ink.
Under Trump, $3 trillion was added to the national debt before the pandemic while tax revenue was slashed by $1.5 trillion, Wallace reminded the Republican.
In a private call with activists, the White House acknowledged the package would disappoint some advocates, but hoped for "hype" anyway.
The U.S. budget deficit will nearly quadruple in 2020, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget projected.
There’s one plan the top 2020 Democratic contender doesn’t need.
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs went off after another host on the network slammed Trump over the debt and deficit.
The president frequently conflated the two as he ran for office, but now is presiding over massive increases in both
The nation's total debt has topped $22 trillion for the first time in U.S. history.