Fox Business host Lou Dobbs went off after another host on the network slammed Trump over the debt and deficit.
The president frequently conflated the two as he ran for office, but now is presiding over massive increases in both
The nation's total debt has topped $22 trillion for the first time in U.S. history.
It's an unnecessary and misguided impediment to progressive goals.
The federal deficit has soared 17 percent in the president's first fiscal year.
But nobody in Washington is really worried about the deficit fairy.
"Everybody stares at the inkblot and sees what they want to see, because we don’t have a bill," one lawmaker said.
The Democrats have responded to Republican criticism that they are burdening future generations with debt by making great effort to reduce deficits; this often entailed capping social expenditures.
It would be nice if the media called attention to the incredible hypocrisy of Speaker Ryan and the Republican caucus. Maybe they could take away a little time from covering Hillary Clinton's e-mails.
Deficit hawk sightings used to be quite common in Washington, D.C., but early indications are that this bird’s about to become
Even though the bulk of the Trump's proposed tax cuts do go to the rich, there are still substantial cuts for the middle class, which will provide a real boost to consumption.