President Biden has proposed a minimum tax for billionaires of 25%. He has said over 10 years it would raise $500 billion.
Republican critics of President Joe Biden have sough to pin the blame for high prices on the president and use it as a cudgel to derail his re-election bid.
The Fox Business host wondered if the economy is "too good" following the release of a Labor Department report.
Last month’s job growth was up from a revised 270,000 in February and was far above the 200,000 jobs that economists had forecast.
The former president claimed his polls against Biden are "so good that investors are projecting that I will win, and that will drive the market up."
The paper boosts the controversial progressive argument that corporations are squeezing American households just because they can.
The closely watched gauge of consumer sentiment has posted its biggest two-month increase since 1991, potentially easing a political headache for Joe Biden.
The latest data reflect an economy and a job market that are decelerating back to pre-pandemic norms.
The expansion and subsequent lapse of pandemic benefits have had major effects on people’s lives.
Though the numbers are very good, the White House knows how subjective perceptions can be.