Halloween Recipes

It takes a lot of energy to troll the neighborhood collecting candy. Dinner should be quick, easy, and filling on Halloween night. From chicken tenders to chicken tacos, these fang-tastic recipes are easy to make and will have your eager trick-or-treaters out the door in no time.
Trick-or-Treat? Definitely treat! From killer caramel corn to spooktacular ghost cupcakes, these eerie-sistible goodies are guaranteed to get you into the Halloween spirit.
And of course, some Witchy Wines: Crazy Eye Serves 4 8 oz. Casamigos blanco tequila 8 oz. Lychee Liqueur 1 oz. Freshly squeezed
Yes, there are wine pairings for candy corn.
This spooky kitchen craft departs from typical Halloween treats because it's healthy and entry-level easy to do. Unlike most Halloween goodies, which are loaded with sugar and artificial additives, BooNana Ghost Pops call for just three all-natural ingredients and weigh in at about 65 calories each. Plus, they take no time at all to make, but have a fun factor worthy of classroom parties and parenting brownie points.
Fruit-based Goodies Kid-friendly fruit 'leathers,' 'ropes' and squeezable pouches are perfect in place of traditional candy
Why should the kids have all the treats this Halloween? Be the Ghostest with the Mostest with these easy gourmet recipes for your Halloween party.
We'd like to imagine that all those Halloween sweets won't affect us. But in reality, they're far from calorie-free. Here's what a reasonable amount (around 200 cals) of your favorite "fun size" treats look like.
I've now found a solid solution to keeping a stash of candy corn past October: Make them yourself! Not only can you have homemade candy corn year-round, long after Halloween has come and gone, but you can also get a little crazy and mix up the colors and flavors, too.
Gowanus Canal Punch - makes about 20 servings. 1 liter aloe juice - Not all natural aloe juice.  The aloe juice drink that
We'll tell you this, it's not candy corn.
Think beyond candy corns and snack-size Snickers this Halloween and indulge in some of these homemade sweets. Not only are they scary-good, they're easy to make.
"Take a living lamprey, and let him bleed at the navel, and let him bleed in an earthen pot."
Not only can you feed your little goblins something healthier for their Halloween party, they can help you make them. Maybe there's the trick to the treat.
Whether or not you're a fan of the original Cracker Jack, you'll love this updated version: Airy fresh popcorn, crisp buttery caramel, and crunchy salty peanuts make this caramel corn hard to stop eating. It's seriously good.