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For more from HuffPost Workouts, click here. For more by Chris Lawhorn, click here. Rascal Flatts - "Yours If You Want It
For more from HuffPost Workouts, click here. Lauren Alaina - "Road Less Traveled" - 113 BPM Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson
Flo Rida & Jason Derulo - "Hello Friday (Owen Norton Remix)" - 128 BPM Ariana Grande - "Into You" - 108 BPM Jess Glynne - "Don't
Also on HuffPost: Dance tracks dominate the proceedings in our monthly workout music recap. While that sounds like the introduction
There are many reasons we may not take care of ourselves; life gets busy, we don't know where to start, it's overwhelming
Also on HuffPost: Whatever your tastes, new faves await. When you're ready to make tracks, here's the full top 10 list--according
Nike + Running Pedometer++ is an IOS-only app with a clean design and a couple neat features. It acts as a pedometer, counting
This month's top workout songs include a perfect blend of comebacks and collaborations.
- Hristina Byrnes, The Active Times Janet Miller, mom of four, former Fortune 500 executive and executive coach, has put
There is no debating that childhood obesity is a very important issue. But when TV personality and mother of Liam, 10, and
Going raw is something a lot of people have approached me about. "How did you do it?" "What inspired you?" they often ask
I was afraid that my shoulders would give way and the barbell would come crashing down on me. This is why Amy Morin's 13
Watch Elaine's Meditation Videos here. "There is nothing to lose and much to gain," the scientists write. "The costs are
Collaborations and remixes reign in this month's top 10 list--with all but one of the tracks being credited to multiple artists.
To follow along in a video or download a PDF of these exercises with step-by-step directions, view the original article on
If it's a priority to you, then I think dating someone as activity and fitness minded as yourself has the more likely potential to lead to a successful long-term relationship than otherwise. Here's why:
I should probably tell you a little bit more about myself and put some of what I'm saying into context. You might have other
The artists behind this month's top workout tunes could easily pass for the lineup of a great, summer music festival. Kicking
Don't get me wrong -- I appreciate my toned muscles. But that's just the surface. We need to get real, and just stop with the notion of bikini-season. Because you are so much more than just a body.
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