Salad Recipes

It's packed with flavor and nutrition, and it's unlike all those other salads you're already tired of eating.
Nutritionists recommend their picks from Sweetgreen, Chopt, Tender Greens, Panera and more.
In honor of National Potato Day, DoorDash analyzed its delivery order data.
It remains unclear if children will actually want to eat salad after squeezing ranch out of a frosting tube.
Mayo, eggs and boiled potatoes are essential to a good potato salad, right? Not necessarily.
Even though Chrissy Teigen was weirded out at first.
Turns out men might need salads more than women anyway.
The Mediterranean Diet is the top healthy eating plan of 2019, and breakfast salad can improve your mood for the whole day. This recipe kills two birds with one stone.
"If you took a picture of my fridge right now, it’s full of Hidden Valley.” These women are living the ranch dream.
Delicious healthy takes from around the globe, for everyone who's sick of their boring salad.
Honestly, sometimes it's a better idea to order the Egg McMuffin.
Joan Walsh chastised the president for insinuating that women are "here to make salads for men."
Chefs and etiquette specialists from around the globe debate the best order for proper digestion.
These take 10 minutes or less to make. There's no reason to be lazy anymore!
While bottled dressings may be convenient, when it comes to nutrition, you’re probably better off making your own.
Not only can it boost your mood, it can also fight a hangover.
Stop overordering at salad chains with these genius tips from Chopt, Just Salad, Mixt and Snappy Salads.
Your body can get out of ketosis with the slightest of mistakes. Eat these salads and you won’t mess it up.
Long live canned tuna.
At places like Chop't, Sweetgreen and Just Salad, lunch is a luxury that only certain people can afford.