The Balanced Life

"Some firewalls and location-based trackers are harder to fool, and won't be defeated by a simple IP change. These can be
True experiences together whether they be dancing, ice-skating, singing, hiking or any other passion brings us quality time
The Bottom Line Finding balance between freelance work, handling other aspects of your business and your personal life can
I believe I am supposed to learn to juggle the jobs I need to have with love for my passion and become adept at balancing both for a good quality of life. I just haven't mastered the balancing yet. I hope I do soon.
The wise psychologist I went to made his diagnosis on my first visit: "You've spent 37 years relentlessly building up your
Such focused fragmentation risks losing sight of the individual (one's relationships, values, goals, culture). As if one
Branding is one of the most POWERFUL tools in business. It always has been. In many cases, branding holds more power than that of a patent or trade secret. Strong brands are tough to beat.
Are you unconsciously running from job to job or relationship to relationship? What would it look like if you were excited about your life, others and your work? Passion is contagious. How would you then affect others coming from an excited state of being?
I never read introductions to list articles, so let's just dive in. These are in the order they fell out of my head. Lucy's
While designed for single women, most of these activities work if you're male or married, too.
My husband (Rj) and I enjoy hiking. Over the years we've grown very fond of taking a few weeks to hike different areas of
What is most important in jumpstarting the creative mind is changing the pattern of behavior that we experience every day. The mind needs to be taken out of this routine, and allowed to be free to explore another path.
For me, I've never been one of those people who is going all the time. I can pick up projects and work on them intensely and passionately for awhile; then, the motivation sputters and I leave everything in a corner to collect dust.
Throughout my journey of endless love, valleys of unparalleled grief and the perpetual normalcy of everyday life, these life lessons have helped shape my understanding of the world thus far.
Reams of research suggest that people who work long hours, to the detriment of their personal lives, are not more productive or successful than people who work shorter hours so they can have families and develop interests outside of work.
I irrationally trust that work can't hurt me in a way that love could, and so work has become the one exercise through which I've known how to navigate my life. Deep down, I doubt whether this single-mindedness to work is sustainable or simply an anesthetic from a greater truth.
Now, the next time that you want to conjure up the feelings of vacation freedom, start applying the three steps and see what happens. You might start feeling more balanced without ever leaving the shore.