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A wide range of factors and national experiences explain the extent of admiration for Castro in Africa. For many African
The festival site is in the centre of the camp. Screenings take place after sundown. Each day there are activities including
Moroccan King Mohammed VI meets with the leadership of Boeing, upon the establishment of a major industrial zone in the northern
The subject of terrorism came up as the King transitioned from the issue of migrants to his own country to the relationship
Faucon: Of course, it's a huge time commitment to have become the producer of my own films. You lose a bit of freedom on
The Panama Papers show politicians and mining, oil and gas interests benefit from secrecy and dubious multimillion dollar transfers
Aside from the growing negativity towards the US in Afghanistan, its role in Bosnia had also come to be viewed suspiciously. In the autumn of 1994, during my coverage of the war there, I received information from a reliable source that bands of Arab mujahedeen had arrived from Afghanistan seven months before.
Modern conception of self-determination could grant people in the Western Sahara a choice for autonomy and sovereignty. However
This week saw the passing of guerrilla leader Mohamed Abdelaziz, after a long illness. For 35 years, he commanded the Polisario Saharan separatist militia in its struggle to conquer the southern half of Morocco.