Death Penalty

Inmates have challenged their convictions following the high court’s ruling that said a large swath of eastern Oklahoma remains an American Indian reservation.
A new book by Maurice Chammah, "Let the Lord Sort Them: The Rise and Fall of the Death Penalty,” examines America's uneasy history of capital punishment.
Nikolas Cruz's lawyers say he’ll plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence, but prosecutors insist on seeking the death penalty at trial.
"I look forward to signing this bill into law," Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam said after the vote.
Reporters George Hale and Adam Pinsker together witnessed 12 federal executions over six months before falling ill with the coronavirus.
The president has the opportunity to prevent another federal execution spree, but the window to act may be narrow.
Prosecutors want President Joe Biden to commute the sentences of those on federal death row and end capital punishment once and for all.
Instead of acting as a safeguard, SCOTUS rubber-stamped the administration’s killings, sidestepping issues fundamental to the legality of the death penalty.
Corey Johnson and Dustin Higgs have argued that lung damage from their recent COVID-19 diagnoses will make their executions more torturous.
Montgomery's lawyers told HuffPost that she was out of touch with reality before she was killed by lethal injection early Wednesday morning.