Harry Reid

The former Senate Democratic leader says Trump is going to be a lot more formidable than his rivals might think.
“The future of our country is sacrificed at the altar of the filibuster," the former Senate majority leader wrote in a New York Times op-ed.
The former Senate majority leader said it wasn't a matter of if the legislative tactic would end but "a question of when."
The former Senate Democratic leader said it was important to move forward to give Americans "a view of what's going on."
It was Reid who pushed the White House to act on repeal — driven by LGBTQ activists who broke the rules of Washington.
The ex-CIA director gave a blistering defense of the former Senate majority leader.
The former Senate majority leader previously called the 43rd president a "liar" and a "loser."
A leaked campaign document shows how staff tried to manage her anger.
The former Senate majority leader also questioned why Jeff Sessions and John Kelly didn't leave the administration sooner.
Despite being treated for pancreatic cancer, the soft-spoken former Senate majority leader has remained active in Nevada politics.
Steve Sisolak defeated Chris Giunchigliani, who had the backing of EMILY’s List and Hillary Clinton
Reid underwent surgery Monday to remove a tumor, according to his family.
There are several things wrong with the Republican tax reform bill that Congress is expected to pass this week. At this late
Officials won't confirm if the skies are still being watched.
Financial capital is people, my friend.