The president has been attacking the city, its residents and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) for days.
Yimi Alexis Balderramos-Torres was found unresponsive in his detention cell, and died at a Houston hospital.
The Trump administration said it will not allow new funding to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala until those countries reduce migrant flows to the U.S.
"Fox & Friends" appeared to struggle with geography while discussing Trump's plan to cut aid to Central America.
Central American migrants left their native countries looking for a better life, and they’re telling their stories of the dangers back home.
The reporter hounded the migrants, asking "why they came illegally."
Citing no evidence, he claimed “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners” were in a migrant caravan headed for the U.S.
Fox News Host Laura Ingraham went on another xenophobic rant against immigrants, and it’s laced with lies and assumptions about Democrats’ midterm goals.
Such caravans have been organized for years by people fleeing violence and corruption in Latin America.
Mirian, a mother from Honduras, has her story told by Ryan Reynolds, James Franco, Maggie Gyllenhaal and others.
Celebrities teamed up with the ACLU for a video titled "My Name Is Mirian."
Aracely Martinez Yanez fled Honduras after surviving severe domestic abuse. A new ruling will shut the door on other women like her.
The Trump administration's decision to end Temporary Protected Status will have far-reaching consequences.
The administration previously ended temporary protected status for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan.
U.S. officials say they don’t have the resources to process the migrant caravan that fled violence in Central America.
Many aimed to seek asylum, defying Trump's call to keep them out.
“If I could offer something to my kids in Honduras, don’t you think I would be there?” one migrant said.
As legislators move to support democracy abroad, we cannot ignore the leaders and policies corroding our politics at home.