Illegal Immigration

As COVID-19 spreads throughout ICE facilities nationwide, the public health crisis of the coronavirus has compromised the U.S. immigration detention system endangering medically vulnerable detained individuals and staff.
On her radio show, Laura Inghram bashed Republicans for dealing with tax cuts but not illegal immigration.
“It’s not fair to treat people like I was treated,” said one Haitian woman who was deported from Del, Rio Texas. “I’m not a criminal.”
A new administration and a landmark federal ruling haven’t stopped Trump's immigration prosecutions from dragging on.
The Biden administration’s special envoy to Haiti has abruptly resigned over the “inhumane” treatment of Haitian migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border.
A federal judge in Nevada has issued a ruling with potentially broad implications for U.S. immigration cases.
Greene has continued to rail against vaccinations, which threatens public health.
Alex Garcia, a Honduran immigrant, has been living inside a Missouri church since 2017 to avoid deportation.
Vaccination sites will be considered “sensitive locations” and generally off limits for enforcement actions, the Department of Homeland Security said Monday.
Texas sued to block President Joe Biden from pausing most deportations for 100 days.