Derrick Johnson condemned the Supreme Court decision striking down affirmative action and singled out Justice Clarence Thomas.
The White House said payments, on hold since 2020 due to the pandemic, will be due in October.
The GOP senator from Florida issued an advisory of his own, prompting one critic to write: "You need to hire better writers."
The Republican governor and potential 2024 candidate is accused of attempting to erase Black history and restrict diversity, equity and inclusion.
The president of the civil rights group addressed advertisers after Twitter users voted for Trump's account to be reinstated.
A lawsuit brought by an NAACP chapter claims white poll workers used “aggressive tones” and followed Black voters around a Beaumont polling place.
The Alabama Republican compared Black people to criminals when speaking out against the concept of reparations.
"Pharrell forever changed their lives," said an NAACP official, who is now hoping President Biden will take action on student debt.
The state NAACP president said the civil rights group was “deeply concerned” and called the financial takeover “right-wing bullying.”