World Health Organization

WHO said all viruses "change over time" and hoped the shift would remove stigma associated with regions where variants were first seen.
Startling new study data from the World Health Organization links working long hours to death from heart disease and stroke.
India has seen skyrocketing coronavirus cases, with a 7-day average of 391,000 cases per day.
China, Russia and the United States didn’t join in with the 25 signatories of the commentary.
According to a draft copy obtained by The Associated Press, a lab leak is “extremely unlikely" as the source of the virus.
With the nation now administering about 2.5 million shots per day, the U.S. cleared Biden's goal of 100 million coronavirus vaccine shots a month early.
President Joe Biden plans to announce rollout of the aid during a G-7 meeting.
Guinea has so far recorded up to 10 suspected cases of Ebola and five deaths.
The White House said it had "deep concerns" about the way in which Beijing "communicated" its early findings on the coronavirus outbreak.
The AstraZeneca vaccine forms the bulk of the stockpile acquired so far by a United Nations-backed effort to deploy coronavirus vaccines globally.