About 20 students are seeking an independent review and policy changes, including increased transparency and communication from the district.
"You have a real star glow about you," the judge told James after she sang Billie Eilish's "Lovely."
Rallies are scheduled in more than 400 cities in almost all 50 states, according to the website of the student-led organization.
Surya Kapu, 13, misspelled “leucovorin,” but his family successfully argued that Scripps omitted details when he asked a question about the word’s roots.
From California to Virginia, students chanted “Enough is enough” and held signs reading “Thoughts and prayers are not enough” and “How many more kids.”
“We want to educate both parents and kids about the risks out there,” the mother of Ryan Last, 17, said.
Brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle reliably paired the term with images of young, slender white people who liked to have fun.
The earnings boost from having gone to a top school is “indistinguishable from zero” for most people.
Bella Hadid is not the only one who wishes she hadn't had cosmetic surgery when she was younger.
Premiering on Netflix on April 22, the eight-episode series is based on Alice Oseman's beloved web-comic-turned-graphic-novel.