Last week, seniors at Meade High School offered to sell the property for a measly $42,069.
The student who taped the teacher's remarks was suspended for three days for what the school district said was improper use of an electronic device.
The judge cited the lack of gun restrictions in early America, echoing the words of hard-right Supreme Court justices.
Dillon Reeves grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes, bringing the vehicle to a safe stop on a busy Detroit-area road after the driver had passed out, authorities said.
Dennis Maliq Barnes is also on track to reach his goal of $10 million in scholarship offers by the end of this month.
The lawsuit claims the Tennessee law is based on “generalized fears, negative attitudes, stereotypes, and moral disapproval of transgender people,” rather than the well-being of the state’s adolescents and children.
The governor has promised to block any measure she views as discriminating against LGBTQ+ people.
Many Muslim women wrestlers have hit obstacles due to their need to dress modestly, and have been prohibited from participating in competitions.
Additionally, Kansas passed a law banning transgender youth from playing on women’s and girls’ sports teams.
Parents have a role to play in helping teen girls experience the benefits of these platforms instead of the harms.