5th circuit

Consistent with prior precedent, the court found machine guns to be "dangerous and unusual" weapons.
An appeals court will decide whether the law gets to stay on the books for the presidential election.
WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of immigration advocates, some of them undocumented, waited hours outside a New Orleans courthouse
A federal judge in Texas issued a preliminary injunction blocking implementation of President Obama's new immigration policy, which has thrown a curve ball into the Republican congressional strategy of having a big political battle over immigration next week.
Marriage could be coming to Florida sooner than we expected. Plus, after last week's big win, the Mississippi lawsuit is now on the fast track to an appeal. And Kansas just lost their latest attempt to hold back the start of marriage.
It's still not decided everywhere in America, but in the 5th Circuit (Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas) you can now sue your employer for age-based harassment. That's right.