added sugar

Experts explain how we process the sugar in an apple differently from the sugar in a cookie.
While most Americans know more than ever about the ingredients in their food and drinks, many are still actively consuming
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Many people are aware of the negative health effects of sugar, whether it’s weight gain or tooth decay. But not many people
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Sure, cookies and ice cream are worse, but your sandwich could be packing sugar, too. Find out how.
Here's what makes for a healthy cereal, and what to watch out for.
Don't try too hard: Avoid power struggles, please don't force or pressure kids to eat. It just doesn't work. Instead, try
But it’s sugar's long-term impact you really have to worry about.
This notion was given support by several studies. In a 2007 randomized controlled study, 23 Australian 15-25 year olds showed
A new study, led by Nirupa Matthan from Tufts Medical Center, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Big Soda is playing games with your health. Again.
The simple answer is that it's a target. Individual needs may vary, but the important thing is paying attention to added
As a nutritionist and portion size researcher, I applaud the changes in food labels. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see.
Could it be we’re entering a sugar awareness Zeitgeist? That is, are we awakening to the abundance of sugar in the American