amazon rainforest

The rainforest is burning amid increasing deforestation by farmers and ranchers.
University of Michigan biologists captured a video of a tarantula and a mouse opossum that's really freaking some people out.
The whale carcass was found 50 feet from shore on Brazil's Marajo Island.
Far-right presidential front-runner Jair Bolsonaro -- aka “Brazil’s Trump” -- may be “exactly what the world doesn’t need.”
“We’re the first generation to live in peace in Colombia, but we are destroying our most biodiverse ecosystem.”
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The financial giants are slated to make appearances at the COP23 in Germany next week.
Prepare for the news. 1. After immense pressure from activists and celebrities, Brazil has reversed their decree that a massive
This news is depressing, but at least we have cat videos. 1. Judge Orlando Garcia has put a hold on a law dubbed as a “sanctuary
Hundreds of environmental activists have been killed all throughout Latin America as the world largely remains silent.
By Maty Konte, United Nations University; Joice Ferreira, Federal University of Pará; Sandrine Maljean-Dubois, Aix-Marseille
"You can imagine," he grinned, "there wasn't much demand in Brazil for Arctic expertise." Like everyone in the unit, Brichta
"Unsustainable human activities" are behind most of the pressures on the primate species.
Over the last year, we partnered with World Resources Institute (WRI) and Global Forest Watch (GFW), whose expertise in protecting
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