Two years ago, NCAA championship soccer coach Lincoln "Tiger" Phillips wrote, "I firmly believe that there are no strangers
When Donny's sweet voice hit the airwaves, all conversation in the car or around the table ceased while I sang along. "And they call it puppy love."
Q: How many writers missed their deadlines? Did you commission any essays that didn't work out? Q: Pull back the curtain
No group has a more fraught relationship with hair than black American women. But a new anthology on women and hair barely acknowledges the elephant in the room.
The book is divided into three clever sections. Tales of Wonder includes a dozen stories that explore the parts of motherhood
My scribbled notes read, "We are now one, whether you like it or not. We are all Generation F." I needed to find an angle
What do writers have to tell us about being dads? Not much, I used to think.
Alan Kaufman, the Bronx-born son of a French-Jewish Holocaust survivor, is author of the critically acclaimed memoirs Jew Boy and Drunken Angel. Kaufman's writings are subversive articulations of extreme outsiderness.
In this case, it's a beautiful winter scarf my mother gave me toward the end of her life, probably the last gift I got from her. After she died in 2004, I became more attached to it. The intensity of my feelings about the scarf surprised me.
Just as Billy Graham's influence and impact transcends religious, racial and political boundaries, so does the list of contributors to this volume as they reveal and confirm his place in history.
Submitting to anthologies (such as "Chicken Soup for the Soul") is a great way for new writers to break into the industry
There is a disconnect between these extreme depictions of Muslim men and what I -- and most other American Muslim women I know -- have experienced directly.
Dear Teen Me, We spend most mornings writing in our diary. Not the fun diary that you share with friends. Not the one where
Inside the pages, you'll be introduced to beautiful items handcrafted by the editors' favorite artisans. Additionally, they
These men were not prisoners. They were writers, friends, teachers, creators, lovers, brothers, sons and fathers. In each of these stories lay the foundation of humanity. In word, inflection and intention was the truth: everyone has a story.
Pink Floyd fans are about to shine on like crazy diamonds. The iconic English psyh rock group is about to empty the vaults on rare and live tracks as part of a massive campaign their music company EMI are about to launch.
I remember very clearly the first time I really heard the music of the Beatles. I was eight years old in 1995. The Anthology series was about to be broadcast and I was somewhat baffled, but equally intrigued.