A Magnetic Tribe is one that others want to be a part of. There is an attraction that is making people want to become a member
1. Acceptance 2. Understanding 3. Appreciation Appreciation is an important, that is often taken for granted. We all want
If we do approach the topic, we have to do it while trying our best to respect the other person's opinion. This requires
Why should I pause to be thankful when so much of the world is still broken? WIRED FOR FIXING He is, without apology highlighting
So, this week, as you gather around a table overflowing with food and family and love (and hopefully not too much political discord), start thinking of ways to express how thankful you are to everyone who makes your life a little easier, a little better and a little (or a lot) richer.
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Practice making a point of telling your partner daily one thing that you appreciate and love about them. Often they will be surprised, and at a minimum, they are going to soften in their feelings and attitude towards you.
So in the name of research I challenged myself this week to just spend 5 minutes each day 'just noticing' and this is what I have learnt.
After I let go of my expectations and repress my frustration, I start enjoying the adventure. Isolation is not easily obtainable with the constant flow of information of the modern world. I read, uninterrupted by the phone, the swish of incoming emails, and the ring of messages on my smartphone.
What is appreciation of beauty and excellence in the workplace? If employees are able to play to their strength of appreciation
The bits of advice below, however, are things I use over and over no matter what the problem. They have changed my life because now, no project seems too large, no task insurmountable. They are ways to get unstuck any time I am stuck.
Turning 40 10 years ago wasn't so bad -- I realized I could finally stop explaining my behaviors and choices to others. Turning 50 was a tad different, not just because it's half of a century, but because there have been points in my life where reaching 50 might not have been possible.
I miss the sound of, yearn for the sound of, my children laughing, crying, bickering (a rare but endearing occurrence), talking
2. Give each other the benefit of the doubt Sleepless nights, a crying baby, and all the other demands of parenthood are
I hear that this is even worse for stay at home moms, and I believe it. I work outside of the house, but I am fairly anti-social, which doesn't help the loneliness at all. I feel very blessed to have my son by my side every evening, but sometimes I would kill for a long, meaningful conversation with another adult.
During my early childhood, adolescent, and younger adult years, I remember these cherished and vivid memories of my mother sitting-cheerfully and pleasantly-at either the kitchen or dining room table with a pen and note card in hand, writing vivaciously to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors- detailed and thoughtful notes embodying an unwavering and bountiful sense of love, gratitude and appreciation.
In some way or another, we are all a product of our raising. Everything from our childhood, and ways our parents did or didn't participate has resulted in who we are today.