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A Tea Party star's State of the Union response ticks off the far right. More than once.
The White House is defending the policy, which has created a rift with congressional Democrats.
We assumed that Barack Obama hung up this tan suit for good after Twitter made a mockery of his outfit during a major press
"Issues like fiscal policy, student debt, reproductive rights, LGBT identity, physical safety, racial and ethnic diversity
Using tablet computers to measure a 4-year-old's social and emotional development -- and then applying those scientifically untested results to a teacher's job security -- is an invitation to corrupt the entire public school experience.
According to an Education Department memo, Dr. Libby Doggett, most recently director of the Pew Home Visiting Campaign, will
Duncan will discuss the proposal at a roundtable with students in New York City's Aviation High School today. The hope is
Our identities as Americans will not be given legitimacy -- or quite literally, airtime -- and we will thus continue to remain faceless victims of yet another tragedy chalked up only to gun violence and not also to hatred and ignorance.
By Jeff Mason and Mark Felsenthal "Many viewers are still struggling with the consequences of the Great Recession, and will
Tuned out. Impatient. Apathetic. The mainstream media uses these adjectives when describing the millennial generation. America's talking heads seem convinced that the nation's youngest voters have given up on shaping their own futures. They're missing the point.
"Herman Cain has been a steadfast advocate for the values of the Tea Party and the practical solutions needed to solve the
President Barack Obama stood before a joint session of Congress Tuesday night and delivered his second State of the Union