Black Republicans

Religious faith, Abe Lincoln and business struggles are some of the things that drew them to the GOP.
Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele just proved a politician can have a sense of humor.
"It was raining Oreos. They were thick in the air like locusts..."
Stephen A. Smith is just the latest in a long line to peddle the delusion that the GOP can change its ways and become an open-arms party for blacks.
Judging by whom it elects to Congress, the GOP is now the White Christian Party. And that appears to dictate the GOP position on a wide variety of important public policies
Andre, of The Haitian Times, said there is definitely reason for Republicans to reach out more to Haitian-Americans, despite
Just as many people took the election of Barack Obama as a sign of a new post-racial America, some might take Love's election to mean that post-racialism has reached Utah. But the truth of the matter is that the election of a racial-minority candidate tells us very little about racial relations.
No matter where you stand on the issues, you must concede that there will be extreme gridlock for the next two years: Congress will block President Obama's appointments, while in turn the president will use up a lot of ink with a steady stream of vetoes when Congress passes bills to undermine his agenda.