A landmark new study of plant life in one of the world’s driest places could yield new drought-resistant crops — if mining for electric vehicle batteries doesn't destroy the ecosystems first.
The creators of Indlovu Gin say an amazing variety of botanicals” can be found in elephant feces.
"It would have tickled her so much to know that he's actually done it."
The first lady made the call after learning that the Jackson Magnolia, planted in 1835, was a safety hazard.
Turns out even Gilbert has its own version of a botanical garden, Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, a network of hiking trails
Find the planter that perfectly suits your succulent's personality.
Taking landscaping to new heights is an idea that stretches all the way back to the wondrous Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
In Norway, a high-tech seed vault flooded from melting permafrost. In Montana, locals keep their seeds in the library. On
    Traditional taro pits can be used to grow nutritious vegetables for the entire household. Graham Lyons, Author provided
The entrance of the "last-chance" food source was flooded recently.
"We found that roots were able to locate a water source by sensing the vibrations generated by water moving inside pipes."
"This project not only changes the way the world works, but it changes the way we work in the world."