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Neurosurgeons had 19-year-old Kira laconetti sing her way through brain surgery so they could protect her musical talent.
Neurosurgeons had 19-year-old Kira laconetti sing her way through brain surgery so they could protect her musical talent.
Musician Kira Iaconetti had a form of epilepsy that was triggered by listening to or playing music.
‘Jeopardy’ taping has been suspended as host Alex Trebek recovers from surgery to remove blood clots from his brain.
Even those of us who are not Sci Fi fans and who are not disposed to science fantasy can marvel (still!) at the depictions of the microscopic worlds that inhabit our bodies and are beyond the imaginations of most of us.
No child (or human for that matter) asks for the hard stuff. But everyone goes through it.
Reading, riding and praying for a solution this mother travels cross country in 90 days in hopes to promote literacy awareness, and not just for anyone, but for her daughter Taylor.
It's been a few months since my son's brain surgery. A few months since words like "resection" and "craniotomy" and "temporal lobe" became part of my almost daily vocabulary. I went from someone who took her kid to the doctor once a year, to someone who has an entire team of doctors to choose from when something goes wrong.
Neurosurgeon as arbiter, and adjudicator Paul Kalanithi sought to "forge a relationship" with the "identities" of each patient
You are currently seen on TV regularly as the health and medical correspondent on LA's top rated KTLA Morning Show. With
Over the past 2 years our family has fumbled our way through tuberous sclerosis complex and all the crazy curve balls it can throw. From seizures and hospital stays, to therapies and now brain surgery. I'll be honest though...I never expected to have to prepare for brain surgery.
A collection of old photographs reveals the faces of some of America's earliest brain surgery patients, affording a glimpse
One minute you're planning a weekend and the next, a team of doctors surround your bed. One of them knelt down, held my hand and explained that they were going to remove the mass.
By keeping my "eye on the prize," as I told one nurse, and focusing 100 percent of my energy on the minutely repetitive tasks I needed to, I was able to reach a far greater success than many thought possible.
The year 2013 was full of highs and lows for Redditor wellyjup and her husband. (Story continues after photos) "A year ago
Seeing their reactions to all the gory details is pretty entertaining, to say the least. Indeed. When popular YouTuber, Charles
Successful outcomes depend on an almost fantastic synthesis of psychomotor control, excellent visual discrimination, years of training, and meticulous planning. How can surgeons reach this peak more efficiently, perhaps more quickly?
Doctors pride themselves on their reputations. Their reputations attract patients which equals money. They want you to like them and to speak well of them. Don't be a people pleaser with a doctor. No point.