Here are a few tips for chocolate lovers who want to stay healthy while they indulge on dessert.
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The first thing you'll learn in the geeky chocolate world is that this type of cacao called Criollo really rocks your body
Chocolate is made from processing cocoa mass (or chocolate liquor) with sugar, cocoa butter and in the case of milk chocolate
Instead, it starts as a cacao flower and pod on a TREE. (While this has convinced some people that chocolate is technically
Sadly, hundreds of millions of farmworkers earn daily wages that are lower than the price of a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate in New York or Geneva, while the industries they supply in developed nations accumulate tens of billions of dollars in profits every year.
As a result, farmers are moving deeper and deeper into the country's forests - with devastating results. Five years ago, the
You don't have to sacrifice your love for sweets.
Through their assertions, Mast Brothers make it much harder for chocolate makers who do actual good works to flourish. And it makes it harder for us to do the work we want to do in supporting quality chocolate and makers with integrity.