carpet cleaning

How to clean a carpet with an iron
  GUM Expert says: Wrap ice in a towel, and place it on the gum. Then scrape it off. Did it work? Pretty well, considering
DO: Keep in mind what you'll use your vacuum cleaner for the most. "The toughest job for a vacuum is deep-cleaning carpets
To find out specifically which cleaning agent -- peroxide, salt, club soda, tooth paste, vinegar, ammonia or just plain old drinking water -- and which method is the very best at removing blood stains from a carpet, check this out.
If spring cleaning is on your to-do list for the weekend, here are a few extra tips to help you along. Start with the basics
Blow dryer. You can also spritz any dents with water. Then, use a blow dryer to heat the affected areas. Use your fingers
The whole time, Gallagher said, the woman wouldn't help him. "Even better," he said. "We have hardwood floors." Stamford