carpet cleaning

Turns out it can do more than you think.
How to clean a carpet with an iron
  NAIL POLISH  For this trial, we used advice from Into the Gloss.   Expert says: Dip a rag in clear-colored acetone, and
Vacuuming is a no-brainer. You flip the switch, clean out the filter every now and then, and go to work on that area rug
To find out specifically which cleaning agent -- peroxide, salt, club soda, tooth paste, vinegar, ammonia or just plain old drinking water -- and which method is the very best at removing blood stains from a carpet, check this out.
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Steam iron. For an entirely opposite approach, lay a clean cloth over the dent and steam heat with an iron. Do not place
Like the house that burned to the ground. There have been lots of other kooky customers, like the woman who was growing marijuana