Cast Away

The comedian described how he wants to celebrate the conclusion of the never-ending presidential election, and let’s just say a “Cast Away” metaphor is in play.
"Approach life like it's a box of chocolates."
Because you can't stop true love.
Both actors can handle comedy and drama, have been in a nice mix of Oscar contenders and crowd pleasers, do funny stuff on late night shows, and both display an effortless, non-threatening, regular-guy appeal that makes them easy to relate to and root for.
I'm generally a Before Midnight/Blue Jasmine kinda guy, but Gravity is one of the tightest, most terrifying, most beautiful, and most profoundly spiritual pieces of art I've ever encountered.
Denzel Washington's portrayal is compelling and realistic. Is there a "lifelong limit of lies"? There's no way to know until you reach it.