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The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” are ready to commit to forever. Claire Fallon and Leigh Blickley celebrate every delicious moment of the “Bachelor In Paradise” season finale, including the most emotional proposal, the most frustrating check-in, and who has clearly been binging courtroom dramas since Paradise.
The bachelor earned a dubious distinction during the reality TV show's climactic rose ceremony.
The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” lay out the wildest moments from the season’s penultimate episodes, including the most unlikely friendship, the most welcome departure and who needs a legal lesson from Elle Woods.
The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” weren’t at Stagecoach. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray highlight all the outstanding moments from the latest episodes of “Bachelor In Paradise,” including the many, many breakdowns and who appears to have been right all along.
Paradise isn’t as relaxing as it seems. “Here To Make Friends” hosts Claire Fallon and Emma Gray replay the emotional rollercoaster that was the “Bachelor in Paradise” second week of this season.
Welcome to paradise. “Here To Make Friends” hosts Claire Fallon and Emma Gray bring you all the highs and lows from the premiere episodes of “Bachelor in Paradise,” including the worst liar we’ve ever seen and the revenge plot that failed to deliver.
There's a reason that Joe and Kendall and Astrid and Kevin gave us this season's most compelling love stories.
“The first day, unfortunately, I don’t remember much of," she tells host Chris Harrison.
Simultaneously educating the public and protecting your brand gets messy.
ABC's summer dating show is back after a sexual misconduct investigation.
Season after season, Bachelor Nation finds itself asking: Why him? It shouldn't be like this.
Despite reports, an investigation determined that no sexual assault occurred on set.