The disgraced comedian's announced shows at the Comedy Cellar drew protesters.
Some of us know how long we have and most of us forget to live each day to the fullest. If you are reading this story and fighting your way back from something, I hope that it will inspire you too. Ericka believes that when your time is up, it's up. It was just not her time.
Each practice brought its own challenges; for a while it felt like with every step forward we took ten steps back. With each passing day, the injury we were all hoping would heal over time remained constant with no sight of recovery.
4. The Badass: Pam Grier, 1974. 1. The Original: Louise Brooks, 1926. Photo: Getty Images. See the rest of This Retro Hairstyle
This beautiful journey taught me the value in reflecting daily on all things that are worthy of gratitude -- and once you realize that list includes "not being itchy," you see that that list is incalculable. And if anything negative remains, I can now go out and leave it on the court.
Relay runner makes up a huge deficit to grab viral fame.
Often when things don't go as planned, we can become discouraged and start questioning "Am I on the right track?" or "how can I ever recover from this situation?" The path can seem dark and at times even hopeless, unfixable and irreparable; but I want you to know that there is no situation that you cannot overcome.
We all know there will be times in our lives where you have to face and deal with public failure. The kind that literally knocks the wind out of our sail. The key is knowing it's okay to be disappointed, you just can't stay there.
The more we ask our artists to perform as athletes, the more we must treat them as both. Few populations have a better mind/body awareness than ballet dancers. It's a thrill to help restore that integration -- not only for their benefit, but for ours as an audience as well.
She’s back, b***hes, with a brand new album.
Award shows are usually about celebrating the winners, but on Sunday the best victory of all was Morgan taking the stage under his own power. Here are the comeback lessons we can learn from him