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He thinks about it and says it sounds good to him. But what one thinks before the child is here, and what one feels afterward
On the other hand, child support is an obligation of both parents. How much parents are required to contribute is either
You may recall the landmark Court of Appeal published decision obtained by our firm in 2014 known as Jason P. v. Danielle S. 226 Cal. App. 4th 167. That case created a change to decades old parentage statutes which barred a biological father who provided sperm to a physician for insemination into his unmarried partner from legal parentage status even where the father had a father-son relationship with his child.
Here's what I learned that would have been helpful at the time. You do not have to rush, unless there are financial arrangements that have to be made, but a final divorce agreement can wait until you've had some time to process the feelings.
Put anther way, clients pay more than their lawyer's hourly rate every time a .1 increment lawyer spends less than 6 minutes
The real question is this: if we are willing not to interfere in the daily lives of those who end up staying in a marriage-happily or not, should we be interfering in the lives of those that choose to divorce?
If you have a lot of assets, own companies, or have a complicated financial situation, then, yes, you are going to need an
Cindy and John have been divorced for four years. They have three children: aged 10, 8 and 6. Cindy and John could not get
Some may scoff. Behaving properly may make us... well... proper, but it can't make us happy.
"If the relationship was vibrant at one point, with the right guidance, those feelings can be captured once again.”
Since 2007, New York State lawyers have served as "attorneys for the children" (sometimes also called "law guardians") in custody disputes in divorce proceedings. Before "attorneys for the children" existed, children involved with these proceedings had "guardians ad litem" for the suit.
Divorce law is already tense and difficult enough. Lawyers must manage their cases as well as their clients' emotions. But it is not what we are good at or what we want to do, so if from the first instance, our potential client cannot remain somewhat calm and refrain from vulgarity or swearing, your lawyer may choose not to get involved.
Think about this concept. A couple separates. Wife makes more than Husband. Her income will enable her to live at a higher
For those idealists and romantics who swear to love and cherish until death do they part, maybe it is time to update and revise the divorce laws to eliminate the loopholes, strategies, and games, and make the outcomes less acrimonious?
A family court battle is not a fate that should be wished on your worst enemy. And no matter the outcome, there are no real